Grupporeco, in its factories located in Costa Masnaga (Italy) and in Poland in Kalisz, designs, produces and sells a wide range of wire products (mild and stainless steel), for many different sectors of use: household appliance (main sector of reference), automotive industry and special components.

dishwasher basket


The product range covers all models both the upper baskets and the lower baskets, either 60 cm and 45 cm models (or for specific markets).

components for refrigerator

Components for refrigerators

Annual capacity of more than 4 million accessories (bottle racks and support wires).

automotive components

Components for automotive

Annual capacity of more than 3 million units shaped on customer design.


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Production plants and processes enable the use of different wire diameters, usually between 2 mm and 8 mm.

Furthermore the different surface finishing systems
• galvanic galvanizing
powder and liquid painting
• powder coating
(PE, PP, PA)

allow us to meet the requirements for anti-corrosive protection and aesthetic finishing for various fields of application of the products, with high process repeatability and long-term quality reliability.

Our processes are strongly integrated, from the initial processing of the wire in reels to the realization of the final treatments, guaranteeing flexibility, efficiency and quality. Another distinctive point is the ability to develop the product according to customer requirements interacting with the production processes and related equipment.

The customization of the product is pushed till the final assembly of the plastic accessories in order to allow our customers to receive the finished product ready for integration in the assembly line, even considering the customized packaging and without any need of additional assemblies and controls.

The ISO certification - held since the early 90s - is further evidence of the quality of production processes and internal organization starting from the bottom up to the top management.