The adoption of a quality management system is, for Grupporeco, a strategic investment that allows:

  • To operate in infrastructures and production units that guarantee the safety and the health of the workers.
  • To satisfy the stakeholder's expetations, beginning from the understanding of the operating environment, increasing their level of satisfaction.
  • To maintain the risk assessment system for an efficient action of risk's prevention and decrease.
  • To respect the existing regulation, applicable and related to the services provided and to the products produced.
  • To satisfy the needs and the expetations of the clients in each stage of the production process, by ensuring, with continuity, the product's conformity and safety and the high-quality of services.
  • To improve the know how, by guaranteeing the continuos technological evolution/innovation of the productive resources and the optimization of the business processes.
  • To guarantee the code of ethics.
  • To support the professional growth of the collaborators, increasing the competence levels with the necessary training and qualification.
  • To increase in the Group the quality culture, that is the result of the individual contribution.
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