About Us

Grupporeco is the Partner of the leading european manufacturers in the refrigeration, dishwashing and automotive markets, and provides over fifty years of experience and specialization in product and process development, as well as in-depth knowledge of the reference markets.
Grupporeco wants to propose itself as the reference Partner, reliable from all points of view, attentive and selective. Grupporeco is the long-term choice for demanding customers, who demand flexibility, competitiveness, dedication and reliability. Grupporeco also looks at itself in terms of organizational evolution, innovation and business management, which have become very topical in recent times with today’s turbulent environment. This aspect enables a fast response and readiness to seize important and strategic opportunities.

With this in mind, the acquisition of Arotubi (Italy and Poland) in 2014 - owner of a deep know-how in aluminum tube extrusion and drawing technology - contributes to Grupporeco’s capabilities within the appliance industry, and diversifies the group into the automotive industry and other niche markets that require aluminum circuitry and components, markets in which Arotubi is already present in a consolidated manner.



2018: Multiplied Production Capacity

Fin evaporators production x2 capacity. B.U. Takeover.

2016: #1 Producer in Europe

Grupporeco is the #1 producer of dishwashing baskets in Europe.

2014: Arotubi Acquisition

New aluminum B.U.

2004: SOP Polish affiliate: Reco Polska

The polish company Reco Polska become the new Grupporeco's affiliate.

1998: SOP dishwashing baskets

Focus on the new technologies.

1985: WoT Evaporators

B.U. Takeover

1962: Company Foundation

L'azienda si specializza nella produzione di ripiani e cesti per il settore raffreddamento.