Arotubi (since 2014 included in Grupporeco) is a leading manufacturer of precision extruded aluminum tubes. 
Starting from first quality material, purchased from the main international primary aluminum producers, we produce high precision and quality extruded and drawn products. Arotubi technology and the high flexibility of the systems allow to obtain a wide range of semi-finished aluminum products.
The products can be supplied in coils or rods of various lengths

aluminum tube

Extruded bridge die round pipes

From OD 2 mm up to OD 65 mm, minimum thickness 0.30 mm.

Extruded round tubes with drilling mandrel

From OD 12 mm up to OD 60 mm, minimum thickness 1 mm.

Round bars

From OD 3 mm up to OD 60 mm.


Download the aluminum tubes general brochure.



aluminum capillary

Aluminum capillary

Available in cut to size state or in coils with extremely restrictive flow rate tolerances. (European Patent: EP 1 840 487 B1) 

HRC tube

HRC tube

3103R alloy extruded tube with high corrosion resistance (1600 hours SWAAT vs 700 hours of an H112 pipe).

D-shaped tube

D-shaped tube

Tube designed for applications on hot water tank windings.

IHX pipe

IHX pipe

Internal Heat Exchanger, coaxial exchanger: production and assembly of the complete straight component.

grooved tube

Grooved tube

Internally finned tube with a small diameter designed to increase the exchange surface and the internal fluid turbulence.

AC tube

AC tube

Tube designed for applications requiring high heat exchange efficiency.